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Stephen Haynes


I first visited the Schilke showroom in downtown Chicago during the winter of 1979. I chose a B1 tuning bell trumpet, with a beryllium bronze bell. I never stopped playing Schilkes from that point forward, and currently use XA1 Shepherds Crook and Eb Soprano Cornets exclusively. My trumpet is a vintage Schilke X4 tuning bell model. Whether I am working in the section of an improvising orchestra, or playing Free Music in a small acoustic setting, my Schilke cornets always, always get the job done. And, for recording, Schilke speaks to the microphone in a direct and powerful manner. All my life I have loved/worked in orchestra settings with vanguard composers such as Bill Dixon, LaMonte Young, Cecil Taylor, George Russell, Earle Brown and Butch Morris. I record for New Atlantis Records, and my newest album, Pomegranate, will arrive early in 2015. This is music for quintet, played on cornet, with Joe Morris, Ben Stapp, William Parker and Warren Smith. I am also deeply involved with organizing and presenting work close to home, in Hartford, Connecticut. I co-curate (with Joe Morris) a long-running series, Improvisations, at Real Art Ways. Our guests have included Evan Parker, Ken Vandermark, Gerald Cleaver, Tyshawn Sorey, Fay Victor and Ingrid Laubrock, among others.