Resonant, Clear Sound for any Venue

Our innovative C Trumpets are designed for outstanding projection and blend. Perfect for solo, small ensemble or orchestral performances, our C Trumpets offer a design to fit any venue.

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Soloiste Series

The Soloiste Series C Trumpets are produced in the Schilke tradition of handcraftmanship and hand fit. They feature an exquisite bell engraving that adds an elegant touch to this elite series. Each of these models include a beautiful, newly designed Soloiste Series double case & Symphony Series mouthpiece.

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HD Series

Each of our HD Series C Trumpets are designed to give musicians a beautiful, rich tone for all levels of performance. Our HD trumpets are offered in silver plate, 24K gold plate, and lacquer finishes.

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Custom Series

Our Custom Series C Trumpets were designed by our founder Renold O. Schilke. Lauded for their natural brilliance and unique step bore design, these trumpets are easy to play and offer superior intonation. Used mainly for solo and small ensemble venues, the C Series designs offer many different options for the performer.

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