trumpet-overview-pictureSchilke Music Products is regarded as a world leader in trumpet design with a premium placed on build quality and playability. Hand made and fit by the most skilled craftsman in the world, Schilke continues to set a standard today as the first choice on the concert stage.

We offer a variety of Bb trumpet models with various bore and bell options that provide the discerning trumpeter a choice in timbre and resistance depending on application. The B series models have helped define the classic American trumpet sound for nearly 60 years. Continuing in the path of innovation, Schilke has recently developed several new models including the HD Series Bb and C trumpets and the Handcraft Bb. The HD series offer a focused sound that holds together better at louder dynamic levels without compromising response and attack clarity.  The Schilke HD provides more resistance compared to classic B series models. Ideal in any setting or genre, the HD trumpets are well suited for classical trumpet playing. The HD series C trumpets also provide a sound and feel that is consistent with what major orchestral musicians desire, flexible with the ability to color and shape the sound in context. In 2013, we introduced the Handcraft model Bb trumpets which was inspired by earlier Renold Schilke designs. It has a free, open feel allowing the musician to subtlety color and shade the sound as needed without compromising the ability to project.

Schilke cornets have long been noted for their playability and consistency. Both the C and Eb cornet models are regarded as the finest in the world and considered as the first choice of professional players around the world.

The newly designed Schilke flugelhorn has created immediate impact in the trumpet world!  Without compromising sound, our new model Flugelhorn has a superior scale, intonation and has become the top choice for many professionals globally including studio legend Rick Baptist and jazz icon Jon Faddis!

The Eb/D, G/F, and piccolo trumpet models revolutionized  modern trumpet playing and are considered definitive in their category. For the player looking for a contrasting experience to the classic P5-4 piccolo, Schilke developed the P7-4 model for the musician looking for a bigger, more open feeling sound.

Depending on the sound and style you require, Schilke has the perfect choice for you! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions regarding models and options. We invite any trumpeter visiting the Chicago land area to tour our facility, watch the our craftsman at work and play test a new Schilke trumpet or cornet in our newly renovated factory show room.