tombones-overview-newWithin our tradition of innovation and world class craftsmanship, Schilke Music begin prototyping a new trombone line in 2004. Hand built entirely in our Melrose Park facility, the Schilke trombone incorporates traditional old world craftsmanship with modern technology to create a state of the art instrument for the 21st century musician.

Our newest model, the ST21 large bore tenor trombone introduced in 2014, offers the choice of bell material, hand slide and valve options including a new rotor valve completely designed and built by Schilke. It is the ideal choice in all genres including solo, chamber, and orchestral settings.

The Schilke ST22 Series Trombones offer a big, resonant sound with superlative response and excellent intonation. Valve options include the Hagmann Valve and the new Schilke Valve-II.

The ST30 small bore trombone which incorporates a .500 bore with a choice of bell and hand slide options. It was designed for the commercial/ jazz player performing in big band, combo, studio session or horn sections.

The new ST31 small bore trombone builds offers a lighter weight design with quick response and warm tone, excellent for all musical settings.

We invite any musician visiting the Chicago land area to tour our facility, watch the Schilke artisans at work and play test a new Schilke trombone in our newly renovated factory show room.