Standard Series

Schilke Standard Series Tuba Mouthpieces are specially designed for BBb, CC, Eb and F Tubas (sousaphones) which require a standard (large) shank tuba mouthpiece.


Model mm inches throat Description
62 31.85 1.254 21/64 (.3281″) A superior standard mouthpiece with a good centered sound and easy response in the high and low register with good intonation. Also recommended for Eb or F tuba.
66 31.52 1.241 21/64 (.3281″) Designed from the original Helleberg, this mouthpiece offers a smaller inside cup diameter but still produces a rich tone quality with a wealth of volume.
SH 31.84 1.253 21/64 (.3281″) This “Schilke – Helleberg” model offers a rim contour that is different from our #66. This mouthpiece produces a sound that is clear and dark.
67 32.41 1.276 21/64 (.3281″) Similar to the “SH” model, but slightly larger. The contour is also similar to the #66 but offers improved tonal response.
69C4 32.76 1.290 M (.295″) With a very comfortable wide rim and cup that is not too deep, the 69C4 offers an excellent characteristic sound and facilitates all registers of the instrument.

Concert Series

Concert Series Tuba Mouthpieces were developed within our custom mouthpiece division. Based on original Schilke models, these new models feature larger inside diameters which are preferred by the Orchestral tubist. The Geib model has a different cup shape the funnel shaped Helleberg models providing a more brilliant sound when desired.


Model mm inches throat Description
SHII 32.76 1.290 O (.316″) The “Schilke – Helleberg II” is made along the same lines as the 66,67, and standard Helleberg. It has the same Helleberg-style cup shape with the same inside diameter as the 69C4, a slightly tighter throat and standard backbore.
SHII-F 32.76 1.290 O (.316″) The “Schilke – Helleberg II-F” has the same rim as the Helleberg SH-II but with a shallower bowl-shaped cup to accommodate the smaller F tuba. The throat is smaller than the SH. The backbore is slightly larger, similar to a Schmitt shape that opens up quicker under the throat to reduce resistance.
SHII-CLE 33.27 1.310 P ( .323″) **NEW** Developed working with Yasuhito Sugiyama, Principal Tuba of the Cleveland Orchestra, the SHII-CLE features a design which is a modification of the classic SHII. A larger inner diameter, slightly deeper cup, larger throat, and subtly lighter weight combine to offer a vibrant & colorful tone with quick response.
GEIB 32.76 1.290 5/16 (.3125″) The Geib model has the same inside diameter as the Helleberg SH-II with a modified rim contour. The Geib cup is more bowl-shaped and slightly shallower than the SH-II. The entrance to the throat is tighter yet it shares the same throat size as the SH-II with a standard backbore.

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