Bb Trumpets Like You’ve
Never Heard

Our exquisite Bb trumpets are designed to offer the player every opportunity to find the right fit for the genre they are performing. From our Classical Soloiste, HD and Custom Series models to the unique design of our Handcraft trumpets and versatile i Series, our Bb trumpets will offer a unique sound for any performer.

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Shop Bb Trumpets with Schilke Music
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Soloiste Series

This series of Bb trumpets provides a rich & gorgeous core with the brilliance necessary to soar above the most grandiose of orchestras. And yet, these models transcend orchestral performance, excelling in solo and chamber venues. They truly live up to the name Soloiste!

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Custom & S Series

The Custom Series is often viewed as a spectrum of models. With a choice of bell taper and bore size, every musician can find the right “feel” for them. Designed with versatility in mind, these models are great for classical, chamber, solo, jazz, or commercial music.

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HD Series

Custom built in the highest quality Schilke tradition, this design offers the musician a truly gorgeous sound. HD trumpets are offered in silver plate, 24K gold plate and lacquer finishes.

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Handcraft Series

Handcraft Series Trumpets offer the contemporary musician the best of both worlds: a fantastic vintage tone, rich and smooth, with a truly elite, modern build quality.

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i Series

Old world craftsmanship and 21st century technology combine to create instruments with the most popular features and superb playing characteristics. 100% built by the world class Schilke craftsmen located in Melrose Park, IL, USA

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