Soloiste Bb Trumpet

A design collaboration along with Schilke international artist Marc Geujon, this new orchestral series of Bb trumpet is truly a first at Schilke Music. Almost every aspect of these trumpets have been created over the past year and a half. At the heart of the series, an all new valve casing was designed for a resonant, clear sound throughout its register. The SB4 leadpipe and bell have also been handcrafted to Marc’s exact specifications. An exquisite bell engraving is included with every Soloiste instrument.

  • SB4-MG – ML Bore – (.460”/11.68mm) / L Bell – (4 7/8”/124.00mm) Yellow Brass Hand-hammered Bell with #2S Taper / SB4 Standard Leadpipe

Available Finishes:

  • Silver Plate
  • Gold Plate
  • Lacquer

Custom Double Soloiste Case Included:




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Traditional B & X Series – Designs by R. Schilke:

Acclaimed for its exceptional intonation, ease in response, and outstanding projection, the Renold O. Schilke designed Bb trumpet has set the standard for playability and build quality since it was introduced in 1956.  The classic reverse main tuning slide with full radius bend, mouthpipe design and bore variation help create a responsive, open feel with an overall evenness throughout the range of the instrument at all dynamic levels.  This characteristic design is streamlined, clean and elegant.  The B and X models provide a balanced, comfortable playing experience with a superior tone quality.

  • B1 – ML Bore – (.460”/11.68mm) / L Bell – (5/127.00mm) Yellow Brass Bell with #1 Taper
  • B3 – L Bore – (.463”/11.75mm) / M Bell – (5/127.00mm) Yellow Brass Bell with #3 Taper
  • B5 – ML Bore – (.460”/11.68mm) / ML Bell – (5/127.00mm) Copper Bell with #2 Taper
  • B6 – M Bore – (.450”/11.42mm) / ML Bell – (5/127.00mm) Copper Bell with #2 Taper
  • B7 – M Bore – (.450”/11.42mm) / L Bell – (5/127.00mm) Yellow Brass Bell with #1 Taper
  • X3 – L Bore – (.463”/11.75mm) / L Bell – (5/127.00mm) Yellow Brass Bell with #1 Taper

Available Finishes:

  • Silver Plate
  • Gold Plate

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HD Series:

  • S22HD – L Bore – (.463”/11.75mm) / ML Bell – (4 7/8”/124mm) HD Yellow Brass with #2 Taper
  • S23HD – L Bore – ( .463”/11.75mm) / M Bell – (4 7/8”/124mm) HD Yellow Brass with #3 Taper
  • S32HD – ML Bore – (.460”/11.68mm) / ML Bell – (4 7/8”/124mm) HD Yellow Brass with #2 Taper
  • S33HD – ML Bore – (.460”/11.68mm) / M Bell – (4 7/8”/124mm) HD Yellow Brass with #3 Taper
  • S43HD – M Bore – (.450”/11.42mm) / M Bell – (4 7/8”/124mm) HD Yellow Brass Bell with #3 Taper

The HD line of Bb trumpets offer a broad, rich tone with excellent intonation. Built in the high quality Schilke tradition, this new design compliments the lighter B and X series trumpets.  Designed for the symphonic player, the ML and L bore HD trumpets will feel controlled and powerful yet have the ability to project even the softest passages.

Available Finishes:

  • Silver Plate
  • Gold Plate
  • Lacquer

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Handcraft Series

  • HC1 – XL Bore – (.468”/11.88mm) / XL Bell – (4 3/4”/120mm) / Yellow Brass Bell with #0 Taper
  • HC2 – XL Bore – (.468”/11.88mm) / XL Bell – (4 3/4”/120mm) / Copper Bell with #0 Taper

The new Schilke Handcraft offers a truly unique sound.  With its extra-large bore and bell design, the Handcraft creates a dark, smokey tone that will project in any performance venue.  Using some of the early design influences from Renold Schilke’s years prior to the development of the Schilke company, this trumpet reintroduces a rich smooth sound that has been unavailable for many years.

Available Finishes:

  • Silver Plate
  • Gold Plate
  • Lacquer

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Faddis-Crown** Custom Order Bell Crown**

S43HDL-F  (Faddis Model)

  • M Bore – (.450”/11.42mm)
  • M Bell – (5”/127.00mm) HD Yellow Brass Tuning Bell with #3 Taper
The S43HDL-F was designed for legendary jazz artist, musician, conductor, composer and educator Jon Faddis. It is built  on our HD valve section, which is heavier in mass at the center of the trumpet. No nibs on the second slide, no water key on the main tuning slide, heavy valve caps, and adjustable sound post. It is supplied with a hard case and available in silver plate or gold plate finishes.
The S43HDL-F comes with a standard #3 tuning bell.  
**A special tuning bell option with bell crown as used by Jon Faddis is available upon request. Specify when ordering.**
An adjustable tuning slide brace is included with S43HDL-F Faddis Model


Schilke i32 Bb Trumpet

A top innovative leader in brass manufacturing in the world for 60 years, Schilke is proud to present the completely new Model i32 Bb Trumpet. The i32 features include the classic Schilke reverse leadpipe design, a .460″ medium-large bore with an all new #2i taper Yellow Brass Bell in silver plate finish. Versatile and responsive, the i32 is flexible enough to work in any style or genre and is ideal for every level of player. Old world craftsmanship and 21st century technology combine to allow a competitive price while creating an instrument with professional features and playing characteristics. 100% built by Schilke craftsmen located in Melrose Park, IL, USA.

  • ML Bore – (.460”/11.68mm)
  • ML Bell – (4 7/8”/124.00mm) Yellow Brass Bell with #2i Taper

i32-CaseThe i32 outfit is supplied with a lightweight case and Schilke 16C4 mouthpiece. The case featured with the i32 is a stylish gray, designed for a secure and protective vertical fit. The case includes a shoulder strap and is branded with an embroidered logo, SCHILKE CHICAGO USA. The i32 is available in silver plate finish only.

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Tuning Bell Bb, C, Eb/D, and G/F Trumpets

The detachable tuning bell design is available on all Schilke Bb, C, Eb/D, and G/F custom-built trumpets.  By tuning from the bell, the instrument offers an improved feel and superior intonation. In general, the playing characteristic of this instrument will be more open or “free” feeling mainly in the upper register.  Because the tuning bell design offers less bell bracing, the general response of the instrument feels quicker.  By removing the standard “S” brace on the front section of the bell, the instrument resonates or “rings” which improves projection.  With the lack of fixed bracing, the tuning bell design is fragile and caution should be used when carrying a tuning bell trumpet in a soft sided case.

“Beryllium”:  “Beryllium” bells are made up of extremely lightweight copper which offers more direct, compact projection.  Optional on Schilke Bb, C, Eb/D trumpets.

Sterling Silver:   Sterling silver bells are slightly thicker than our traditional bells and offer a wider range of overtones which creates a dark, rich tone.  Optional on Schilke Bb, C, Eb/D trumpets.

Bell Sizes:

  • #0 – Extra large throat with 4.750” bell rim
  • #1 – Large throat with 5” bell rim
  • #2 – Medium large throat with 5” bell rim
  • #3 – Larger throat than #2 but with a faster taper to the valve section.  Overall less volume than the #2
  • #4 – Medium small throat for Eb/D instruments
  • #5 – Medium small throat for G/F instruments
  • #8 – Narrow throat for piccolo and G trumpets

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