Handcraft Series Trumpets

Designed for an authentic vintage tone

Handcraft Series Bb Trumpets offer the contemporary musician the best of both worlds: a fantastic vintage smokey tone, rich and smooth, with a truly elite, modern build quality. The even feel, quick response and superb intonation make the Handcraft Series the ultimate combination of tradition and innovation.

Handcraft Series trumpets at Schike
HC1 Handcraft Series Trumpets at Schilke
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The Handcraft Series HC1 Trumpet offers a warm, smooth tone that features a yellow brass bell which offering clarity, warmth and a consistent tone quality in all registers and dynamics.

Standard Features

One-piece Yellow Brass Bell

Silver plate

HC1-S – Yellow brass bell
HC1L-S – Yellow brass tuning bell
HC1b-S – “Beryllium” bell
HC1Lb-S – “Beryllium” tuning bell

Gold plate

HC1-GP – Yellow brass bell
HC1L-GP – Yellow brass tuning bell
HC1b-GP – “Beryllium” bell
HC1Lb-GP – “Beryllium” tuning bell


HC1-L – Yellow brass bell
HC1L-L – Yellow brass tuning bell
HC1b-L – “Beryllium” bell
HC1Lb-L – “Beryllium” tuning bell

Brushed Lacquer

HC1-Lbr – Yellow brass bell
HC1L-Lbr – Yellow brass tuning bell
HC1b-Lbr – “Beryllium” bell
HC1Lb-Lbr – “Beryllium” tuning bell

HC2 Handcraft Series at Schilke
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The Handcraft Series HC2 Bb Trumpet offers a dark and smokey tone offering a wide range of tonal color, darkest in the quiet moments, yet bright and lively when you need a bit more presence.

Standard Features

One-piece Copper Bell

Silver plate

HC2-S – Copper bell
HC2L-S – Copper tuning bell
HC2b-S – “Beryllium” bell
HC1Lb-S – “Beryllium” tuning bell

Gold plate

HC2-GP – Copper bell
HC2L-GP – Copper tuning bell
HC2b-GP – “Beryllium” bell
HC2Lb-GP – “Beryllium” tuning bell


HC2-L – Copper bell
HC2L-L – Copper tuning bell
HC2b-L – “Beryllium” bell
HC2Lb-L – “Beryllium” tuning bell

Brushed Lacquer

HC2-Lbr – Copper bell
HC2L-Lbr – Copper tuning bell
HC2b-Lbr – “Beryllium” bell
HC2Lb-Lbr – “Beryllium” tuning bell

Bell Material

The HC1 comes standard with a yellow brass bell, whereas the HC2 has a pure copper bell. Yellow brass bells are more consistent in tonal color regardless of dynamics. The copper bell offers a more progressive tonality that is responsive to dynamic, with a darker sound in quieter moments while brighter when playing with more volume.

Optional “beryllium” bells are very thin lightweight copper bells. Similar to our standard copper bells in playing characteristics, but with a brighter and more resonant dynamic range. These bells are terrific when looking for more “sizzle” in the overall sound.

Tuning Bells

Detachable tuning bells are available by special order on any Handcraft Series Bb Trumpet. The advantage of the tuning bell feature is that the tuning slide can be left all the way in or moved only a little, thereby keeping the bore relatively free of gaps that may cause a disturbance in the nodal pattern of the sound wave. Removing the standard front brace also adds freeness in the sound and more brilliance at louder volumes. An additional advantage is that different bells of varying tapers, materials and finishes may be used to change the overall characteristics of the instrument.

Tuning Bells at schilke