HD Series Trumpets

C Trumpets for discerning tastes

HD (heavy design) Series C Trumpets offer a rich tone with superb intonation. Designed for the orchestral player and built in the Schilke tradition of high quality and superior playability, these C trumpets offers a traditional classical sound.

The HD Series concept begins with using heavy wall yellow brass material in the body, a one-piece bell, and a new leadpipe design to offer an orchestral Schilke design. HD trumpets are offered in silver plate, 24K gold plate, and lacquer finishes.

HD Series Trumpets At Schilke
C3HD Trumpets at Schilke
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Originally designed for Marc Geujon, Solo Chair of the Paris Opera, the C3HD features a #3 bell taper with large bore. The C3HD is based on the original C3 but with the HD body and new standard square shape tuning slide that contributes to an efficient blow with tremendous clarity.

Standard Features

#3 HD Bell Taper
.463 Square Reverse Tuning slide
.463” Large Bore

Silver plate

C3HD – Yellow brass bell
C3HDL – Yellow brass tuning bell
C3HDGB – Gold brass bell
C3HDLGB – Gold brass tuning bell
C33HDS – Sterling silver bell
C3HDLS – Sterling silver tuning bell

Gold plate

C3HD-GP – Yellow brass bell
C3HDL-GP – Yellow brass tuning bell
C3HDGB-GP – Gold brass bell
C3HDLGB-GP – Gold brass tuning bell
C3HDS-GP – Sterling silver bell
C3HDLS-GP – Sterling silver tuning bell


C3HD-L – Yellow brass bell
C3HDL-L – Yellow brass tuning bell
C3HDGB-L – Gold brass bell
C3HDLGB-L – Gold brass tuning bel
C3HDS-L – Sterling silver bell

C3HDLS-L – Sterling silver tuning bell

S22 CHD Trumpets at Schilke
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The S22CHD offers a dark core with excellent intonation. This model distinguished among HD Series C Trumpets by the broadness of sound, ideal for orchestral playing.

Standard Features

#2 Bell Taper
.463 Square Reverse Tuning slide
.463” Large Bore

Silver plate

S22CHD – Yellow brass bell
S22CHDL – Yellow brass tuning bell
S22CHDGB – Gold brass bell
S22CHDLGB – Gold brass tuning bell
S22CHDS – Sterling silver bell
S22CHDLS – Sterling silver tuning bell

Gold plate

S22CHD-GP – Yellow brass bell
S22CHDL-GP – Yellow brass tuning bell
S22CHDGB-GP – Gold brass bell
S22CHDLGB-GP – Gold brass tuning bell
S22CHDS-GP – Sterling silver bell
S22CHDLS-GP – Sterling silver tuning bell


S22CHD-L – Yellow brass bell
S22CHDL-L – Yellow brass tuning bell
S22CHDGB-L – Gold brass bell
S22CHDLGB-L – Gold brass tuning bell
S22CHDS-L – Sterling silver bell
S22CHDLS-L – Sterling silver tuning bell

Bell Material

All HD Series C Trumpets come standard with a heavyweight one-piece yellow brass bell. Yellow brass bells are more consistent in tonal color regardless of dynamics.

Optional gold brass bells are higher in copper content than yellow brass bells. HD gold brass bells offer a darker tone than yellow brass.

Tuning Bells

Detachable tuning bells are available by special order on any HD Series C Trumpet. The advantage of the tuning bell feature is that the tuning slide can be left all the way in or moved only a little, thereby keeping the bore relatively free of gaps that may cause a disturbance in the nodal pattern of the sound wave. Another advantage is that different bells of varying tapers, materials and finishes may be used to change characteristics of the instrument.

Tuning Bells at Schilke Music