Schilke Music Products

Our founder, Renold O. Schilke

For more than 60 years, Schilke Music Products has defined a generation of professional brass playing in performance and recording. Distinguished by their outstanding intonation, response and projection, the Schilke Company is widely acknowledged for producing the finest built brass instruments and mouthpieces of their kind in the world.

Referred to as “Custom Built,” we make each instrument by hand with the sense of attention and detail of a custom builder. All parts are produced at our facility in Melrose Park, IL USA. We begin assembling a valve block and build out from the casing. Our valves and slides are fit at the tightest tolerances, setting the standard within our industry. We hand fit each brace, hand strap and hand scrape each joint. These time-honored traditions come together to create instruments that are uniquely elegant, balanced to hold, and — most importantly — are superior in playability and tone quality.

Schilke Mouthpieces for Brass are created today with the same attention to detail. Using original tooling and models as reference, every mouthpiece is carefully hand finished to provide the musician with a choice that is both comfortable to play with an emphasis in quality of sound. Many of our models are still unique in the market place and definitive within their specific category. Innovation and creativity continue to thrive at Schilke as we introduce new mouthpieces models to address a specific need or expand available options.

Maintaining these traditions and old world craftsmanship provide the thread of continuity thats created the “Schilke Mark of Excellence” in manufacturing and brass performance in the world for over half a century.