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Schilke Music is recognized as a world leader in brass instrument design, due largely to our emphasis on craftmanship, playability, artist collaboration, and tradition. Each and every trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, trombone and mouthpiece we create is handmade and hand fit by the most skilled artisans in the world.

Schilke Products
Schilke Products

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We offer an incredible variety of Bb and C trumpet models with various bore and bell options that provide the discerning trumpeter a choice in timbre and resistance depending on genre. The Eb/D, G/F, and piccolo trumpet models revolutionized trumpet playing and are still considered industry leaders in their categories.

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Our variety of Bb, C, and Eb cornets include both English short model design as well as American long model designs. The two distinct design categories offer a player a variety of tonal options. Our handcrafted cornets can be customized with gold, silver or lacquer finishes.

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We proudly offer two elegant flugelhorn models designed to create a warm, rich sound with outstanding intonation. Featuring either copper or rose brass bells, Schilke flugelhorns have become the first choice for players around the world. Each model includes two leadpipes to accommodate either small or larger taper flugelhorn mouthpieces. Artists can choose from a variety of finishes including silver, gold, polished lacquer, brushed lacquer or raw brass finishes.

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Greenhoe Trombones with Schilke

Greenhoe Trombones

At Greenhoe, Inc. we are focused on continuing the designs and quality construction Gary Greenhoe was known for. We ensure each trombone we handcraft offers the performer the outstanding trombone sound Greenhoe is recognized for without compromise. Explore our wide array of Tenor and Bass trombones at

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Renold O. Schilke had a profound influence on the development of brass mouthpiece design and pedagogy in the 20th century. His wisdom and insight have influenced several generations of performers, educators, and students all while setting a standard for other manufacturers. Today, Schilke Music Products continues to offer the highest level of expertise in assisting musicians when determining what mouthpiece might work best for their playing needs. We offer a large selection of Standard and Symphony Series mouthpieces along with a full service custom mouthpiece division that can create a unique mouthpiece specific to your needs.

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We have developed a series of premium accessories to help our artists perform their very best, time after time. From slide grease and valve oil to pouches, handguards, valve caps, and adjustable tuning bell braces, we have the unique accessories you need to take your performance to new heights.

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As musicians ourselves, we understand that your instruments are an extension of who you are and caring for them during transport and in-between practice and performance is paramount. We’ve created a series of high-quality cases that fit each of our unique instrument designs at the highest level and with outstanding protection and style.

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Schilke Instrument limited lifetime warranty
Schilke Instrument limited lifetime warranty
Schilke Instrument limited lifetime warranty

Schilke Instrument Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Schilke Limited Lifetime Warranty certifies that the instrument is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials under normal wear conditions. Schilke Music Products cannot assume responsibility for finish deterioration of the lacquer, silver or gold plating due to normal wear or damage resulting from abuse.

Please note that M Series trumpets and cornets, discontinued since 1985, are not covered by the Schilke Limited Lifetime Warranty.