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Many people refer to Schilke instruments as “the jewel of the industry” for their beauty, quality, and playability. And while each instrument that leaves our factory here in Chicago, IL is stunning, it’s also the product of numerous hours of handcrafting and a legacy of experience and passion for music. Our team of expert artisans diligently design, prepare, and create every mouthpiece and instrument using time-honored traditions paired with modern technology to ensure every Schilke instrument and mouthpiece is made to your exact specification.

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Superior trumpets, cornets, flugelhorns, and trombones made by musicians, for musicians.

Schilke Music Products was founded in 1956 by master musician and craftsman Renold O. Schilke during his tenure with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Over a period of more than four decades, Renold designed instruments and mouthpieces that not only revolutionized the brass instrument industry but are still considered, to this day, to be the very best and the first choice for professional players around the world.

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Schilke Music has had the incredible opportunity to work with and support an outstanding array of musicians over the years. As musicians ourselves, we are so proud to experience the creativity and support of these talented artists! Explore our Featured Artists page to learn more about the prolific musicians who make Schilke Music Products a part of their magnificent performances.

Jon Faddis featured artist with Schilke Music

Jon Faddis

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Marc Geujon

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Osamu Takahashi

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Connect with us in person at special events for musicians throughout the United States and the world. Experience the difference of a Schilke Instrument and mouthpieces at events in the coming year!

Greenhoe Trombones

Innovation In Design with the Finest Craftsmanship

Greenhoe Trombones was founded in 2001 and began production in 2002 under the direction and design of Gary Greenhoe. Gary has been an instrumental part of high-quality trombone design for most of his 41 years as a professional trombonist with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. Gary’s patented Greenhoe valve system has been at the center of every Greenhoe Trombone since the beginning. Greenhoe Trombones represent a return to a classic sound with the highest quality available throughout the world.
Schilke Music Products acquired Greenhoe Trombones in 2016. We are committed to preserving the designs and legacy that Gary created and developed throughout his career. We proudly use state-of-the-art technology along with expert artisans to create the original Greenhoe Trombone designs.