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ST30 RY Model Trombone

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ST30 YN Model Trombone

ST30 Trombone


The ST30 is Schilke’s small bore tenor trombone. It incorporates a .500 bore with a choice in both bell and hand slide material. Bells are 8” in diameter and offered in either hand-hammered yellow or rose brass. The yellow brass bell affords the player a brilliant sound across the registers and is perfect for either lead or section playing, whereas the rose brass bell presents a warm, singing sound, perfect for solos and ballads. Hand slides are available in either a yellow brass or an all nickel-silver outer slide. The yellow brass hand slide yields a slightly warmer sound with more rounded articulations, while the nickel hand slide creates a brilliant sound with a more immediate articulated response.

The ST30 comes three interchangeable leadpipes, a removable counterweight.

  • ST30-RN – Rose Brass Bell / Nickel Hand Slide
  • ST30-YN – Yellow Brass Bell / Nickel Hand Slide
  • ST30-RY – Rose Brass Bell / Yellow Brass Hand slide
  • ST30-YY – Yellow Brass Bell / Yellow Brass Hand Slide

ST31 Trombone

The Schilke ST31 Series Trombones offer an efficient feel with a large, robust sound. Ideal for many musical genres, the ST31’s .500″ bore and 8″ bell excels in all registers and musical settings. This model includes a hand-hammered one-piece yellow brass or rose brass bell with soldered bead, giving this little trombone a big sound.

ST31 trombones include a nickel silver handslide with yellow brass crook, providing a quick response with rich core. ST31 handslides include two removable leadpipes.

  • ST31-Y – Yellow Brass Bell
  • ST31-R – Rose Brass Bell

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