A design collaboration along with Schilke international artist Marc Geujon, these new orchestral series C trumpets are truly a first at Schilke Music. Like their Bb counterparts, almost every aspect of these trumpets have been created over the past year and a half. At the heart of the series, an all new valve casing was designed for a resonant, clear sound throughout its register. The SC4 leadpipe and bell have also been handcrafted to Marc’s exact specifications.

Building upon the success of the first Soloiste Series models, the SC4-OT offers new options for bell, main tuning slide and bracing design. These new design elements combine to provide a unique experience for the orchestral trumpet player.

Soloiste Series C Trumpets feature an exquisite bell engraving, adding an elegant touch to an elite series. These models each include a beautiful newly designed Soloiste Series double case & Symphony Series mouthpiece. Hand crafted and hand fit, every Soloiste is covered by the Schilke Limited Lifetime Warranty.



Bore Size: .463″ L

Bell Taper: #9S

Bell Material: Yellow Brass



Bore Size: .463″ L

Bell Taper: #3

Bell Material: Yellow Brass


Soloiste Series C Trumpet Options

  • 1st slide ring
  • Pinky ring
  • 3rd slide waterkey
  • Amado waterkey(s)
  • Tuning bell

Bell Material

All Soloiste Series C Trumpets come standard with a hand-hammered yellow brass bell. Yellow brass bells are consistent in tonal color regardless of dynamics.

Tuning Bells

Detachable tuning bells are available by special order on any Soloiste Series C Trumpet. The advantage of the tuning bell feature is that the tuning slide can be left all the way in or moved only a little, thereby keeping the bore relatively free of gaps that may cause a disturbance in the nodal pattern of the sound wave. Another advantage is that different bells of varying tapers, materials and finishes may be used to change characteristics of the instrument.


The Soloiste Series C Trumpets feature a three-part nomenclature. The first two letters indicates Series and Key (S for Soloiste, and C for C), the number indicates iteration of the valve block (4 for the 4th prototype in this series), and the final two letters are the initials of the Artist the instrument was designed for (MG for Marc Geujon or OT for Osamu Takahashi).