Stephen Haynes

Stephen Haynes

Stephen Haynes is an improviser, organizer and recording artist.  His practice ranges from small groups to large orchestras with a particular focus on working directly with composers in the development and performance of new music. This aspect of his work is prominently featured on Pillars, Tyshawn Sorey’s groundbreaking work for octet released on Firehouse 12 Records. He is also a founding member of Adam Rudolph’s East Coast version of Go: Organic Orchestra.

Haynes’ latest project – Knuckleball – is a modern take on the brass band, grounded in Free Music practice.  The 7 member ensemble consists of three cornets (Haynes, Taylor Ho Bynum and Herb Robertson), soprano saxophone (Sam Newsome), tenor trombone (Josh Roseman), tuba (Ben Stapp) and drums & percussion (Eric Rosenthal). Recorded during the spring of 2023, the music should see release during the fall of 2024 on the Fundacja Słuchaj! label as a box set.

Haynes’ 2015 release, Pomegranate, is on the New Atlantis label and features an all-star quintet consisting of Joe Morris, Warren Smith, William Parker and Ben Stapp.

Haynes’ primary focus – for over a decade – has been the cornet. He performs on the Schilke XA1 Bb cornet and the Eb soprano cornet as well as the 1040 FL-S flugelhorn and X4L Bb trumpet. He relies upon Schilke Symphony Series mouthpieces, as well as custom mouthpiece solutions developed with Schilke staff.

Over the past 45 years, he has worked with a range of vanguard composers including Bill Dixon, Cecil Taylor, George Russell, Butch Morris, Rhys Chatham, Gunter Hampel, LaMonte Young and Earle Brown.

Haynes recently established – and moderates – the Schilke Enthusiasts fan based group on Facebook.  With over 3,000 members from around the world, the group has become a popular place to share and celebrate all things Schilke.

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