Rick Baptist

Rick Baptist

International Recording Artist

One of the most prolific trumpeters in Hollywood, Rick Baptist has played on over 1250 motion pictures, 30 years on the Academy Awards and 28 years on the Emmy Awards. He has performed on over 100 gold and platinum records including Frank Sinatra Duets 1 & 2, Barbra Streisand’s Duets album, and Ray Charles’ last record “Genius Loves Company”. Baptist has played trumpet on over 5000 cartoon shows from Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain to Family Guy where he can be heard on all 4 trumpet parts on the main title. He is honored to be one of two musicians who played on the first 13 Pixar Movies including his feature as first trumpet on The Incredibles and the Solotone Mute solos on Up.

Message from Mr. Baptist:

“I love speaking to the younger musicians and letting them know that a career in music is the greatest of all God’s gifts. My dream since I was 10 years old was to play my trumpet and encourage other trumpet players to strive to be the best all around player they can be.  Playing Schilke will help assist in that dream as it did for me.  Please remember to to always Live, Laugh and Love!”

  • B5 Bb Trumpet
  • S22CHD C Trumpet
  • 1040-FL Flugelhorn
  • P7 Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet
  • P7-4 Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet
  • XA1 Bb Cornet
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