Morris Northcutt artist page
Morris Northcutt: A Journey Across Borders and Genres

Embarking on a musical journey that transcends boundaries, Morris Northcutt has established himself as a distinctive trumpet player, resonating with a global audience. Influenced by his heritage as the son of a Korean immigrant, Morris brings a rich cultural perspective to his music, seamlessly blending classical, jazz, and folk traditions.

Morris’s artistic exploration is vividly expressed in his album “Tonada,” a project that delves into the rich folk music of Venezuela, featuring Venezuelan studio musicians. This album, celebrated in over 35 countries, showcases his ability to weave intricate melodies with emotional depth. Continuing this exploration, his forthcoming album promises a captivating fusion of genres. This new project is elevated by the collaboration with Justo Morao, a Latin Grammy-nominated arranger and producer, and German Landaeta, a 3x Latin Grammy winner and 2x Grammy nominee, highlighting a commitment to exceptional musical quality.

Morris’s collaborations with lo-fi artist Davide Perico and his contributions to video game and European film scores further display his adaptability and creative range as an artist.

A seasoned performer, Morris has captivated audiences in countries across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. His commitment to music education is evident in his clinics and presentations for prestigious organizations such as the International Trumpet Guild and the Rafael Méndez International Brass Festival, among others.

Beyond his performances, Morris is an influential voice in the brass community. He shares his expertise and experiences on platforms like The Other Side of the Bell Podcast, and Studio HFL, contributing to the education and inspiration of fellow musicians.

As a Schilke Performing Artist, Morris Northcutt stands as a symbol of musical innovation and cultural connectivity, continuing to enchant audiences worldwide with his visionary approach to the trumpet.

Morris Northcutt performs exclusively on Schilke family of trumpets.