ST21 Trombone

The Schilke ST21 is a .547” tenor trombone that offers a fixed bell configuration with a Schilke designed and built rotary valve. Each component of the ST21 has been specifically selected to afford the performer the most efficient playing horn, while attaining the most vibrant sound, color and flexibility.  Both models are available with either a hand-hammered lightweight gold brass or yellow brass bell.  A narrow crook hand slide can be ordered as an optional choice.   The ST21 is also offered with a Hagmann valve configuration.

Optional Hagmann Valve – The “Rene Hagmann – Free Flow Valve” offers a well-balanced flow in all registers as well as a homogenous feel and a great ease of playing the musician can immediately appreciate. With its open sound and short throw, the Hagmann valve is a great alternative to the player looking for a balance between the warm expansiveness of the Axial Flow and the tighter brilliance of the standard rotor.


#1 – Standard leadpipe.
#2 – More open sound, somewhat more covered articulation, least resistance.

  • ST21-Y3 – Yellow Brass Bell / Schilke Valve
  • ST21-G3 – Gold Brass Bell / Schilke Valve
  • ST21-Y2 – Yellow Brass Bell / Hagmann Valve
  • ST21-G2 – Gold Brass Bell / Hagmann Valve

OPTION:  Narrow Crook Handslide

Trombone-CaseThe Schilke ST21 comes with a lightweight, hard shell, fiberglass case.


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