Schilke Slide Grease

An industry standard for more than 60 years, Schilke Slide Grease is specifically formulated at the Schilke factory. It is a critical component in maintaining slide assemblies. Schilke Slide Grease is designed for use on all brass instruments and is preferred by repair technicians and band directors across the globe.

Schilke Valve Oil

Schilke valves are fit to the tightest tolerances and have set a standard within the industry for precision. Keeping the valves properly lubricated is essential for optimum performance. Schilke Valve Oil is specially formulated to provide the ideal lubrication for your Schilke valves.

Leather Mouthpiece Pouches

Leather Mouthpiece Pouches are available for trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, french horn, trombone and tuba mouthpieces.

Leather Trumpet Hand Guard

High quality Leather Hand Guards are designed to fit your 3-valve Schilke trumpet. Easy to install with velcro design.

Heavy Bottom Caps & XL Heavy Bottom Caps

With an additional weight added to the inside of a standard valve cap, the Heavy Bottom Caps offer greater stability to the “center” of the note. It can also add depth to the tone. The XL Bottom Caps are double the weight and length of the Heavy Bottom Caps.

Schilke Soundpost (Adjustable Tuning Bell Brace)

The Schilke Soundpost can be used with our custom built “Tuning Bell” (L) model Bb & C Trumpets. The adjustable brace clamps to the ferrule of the mouthpipe and has a contoured plate that adjusts to fit the bell.

Slide background

Adjustable Tuning
Bell Brace (On)

Slide background

Adjustable Tuning
Bell Brace (Off)

Schilke ‘A’ Pipes for P5-4, P5-4BG and P7-4 Piccolo Trumpets

A longer mouthpipe offered for the key of ‘A’ for piccolo trumpets. Schilke ‘A’ Pipes are available with either a cornet or trumpet mouthpiece receiver. Please specify piccolo trumpet model when ordering.

Metal valve guides

Schilke Metal Valve Guides are designed to fit any Schilke trumpet, cornet or flugelhorn we currently make. Made from solid brass, metal valve guides will subtly change both the feel and tone of the instrument.