The Schilke Custom Mouthpiece Division can make modifications or alterations to a mouthpiece that may improve response, intonation, and articulation clarity or adjust sound color and depth. These adjustments can make the difference for the player in accomplishing their individual musical goals.

Custom-Mouthpiece-ServicesWe offer the following services:

  • Modification – Modifying an existing mouthpiece.
    • Rim Alteration
    • Cup Alteration
    • Enlarge Throat
    • Enlarge Backbore
    • Stem Alteration
  • Duplication – We can make a digital or manual copy of a mouthpiece or key components (i.e. rim, throat, cup, or backbore) upon request.
  • Custom-Built to Order – Blending aspects of different mouthpieces to create something new, unique and built to your personal specifications.
  • Threading – Mouthpiece threading in a variety of configurations.
  • Plating – Mouthpiece re-plating services available on request.
  • Consultation – Personal consultation by phone, email or factory appointment.

We welcome visitors to the Schilke factory. Please call in advance to schedule an appointment.