The G1L is an incredibly versatile model that allow the performer to execute a large diversity of literature from the orchestral, chamber and solo repertoire with the greatest ease and efficiency. This model is built in both the keys of G and F, with two tuning bells and matching sets of slides.


One-piece Yellow Brass Tuning Bells in G & F

Unsoldered Bead

#5 Bell Taper (G)

#5 Bell Taper (F)

Two Sets of Slides in G & F

.450″ Medium Bore

Lightweight Design

3rd slide rings


1st slide saddle(s)

1st slide ring(s)

Pinky ring

Amado waterkey

Optional G Bell Taper:

#8 Bell Taper – “Beryllium” (G)

Optional F Bell Taper:

#4 Bell Taper – Yellow Brass or “Beryllium” (F)

Ebell (for use with F slides)

#2 Bell Taper – Yellow Brass or “Beryllium” (E)

#4 Bell Taper – Yellow Brass or “Beryllium” (E)


Lifetime Warranty

G1L models

Silver plate

G1L  Yellow brass tuning bells

Gold plate

G1L-GP  Yellow brass tuning bells