Since its inception, the E3L has been the benchmark of comparison for virtually all other Eb/D trumpets in the marketplace. Favored by nearly every major orchestral musician and soloist throughout the world, the E3L offers balanced resistance, outstanding intonation and an even feel in all registers.

A popular option for the E3L is the “Beryllium” bell for both Eb & D. This bell option offers an even quicker response and improved projection.


One-piece Yellow Brass Tuning Bells in Eb & D

Unsoldered Bead

#4 Bell Taper (Eb)

#4 Bell Taper (D)

Two Sets of Slides for Eb and D

.450″ Medium Bore

Lightweight Design

1st slide saddles & 3rd slide rings


1st slide ring(s)

Pinky ring

Amado waterkey

“Beryllium” bells

Optional Eb Bell Taper:

#1 Bell Taper – Yellow Brass or “Beryllium” (Eb only)

#2 Bell Taper – Yellow Brass or “Beryllium” (Eb only)

.460″ ML Bore (model E2L)


Lifetime Warranty

E3L models

Silver plate

E3L  Yellow brass tuning bells

E3Lb  “Beryllium” tuning bells

Gold plate

E3L-GP  Yellow brass tuning bells

E3Lb-GP  “Beryllium” tuning bells