A top innovative leader in brass manufacturing in the world for 60 years, Schilke is proud to present the i Series Professional Bb Trumpets.  Features include the classic Schilke reverse leadpipe design, a .460” ML bore with a one-piece Yellow Brass Bell. Versatile and responsive, the i Series are flexible enough to work in any style or genre and is ideal for every level of player. Old world craftsmanship and 21st century technology combine to create instruments with the most popular features and superb playing characteristics. 100% built by the world class Schilke craftsmen located in Melrose Park, IL, USA

i Series Bb Trumpets are covered by the Schilke Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Bore Size: .460″ ML

Bell Taper: #2i

Bell Material: Yellow Brass



Bore Size: .460″ ML

Bell Taper: #3

Bell Material: Yellow Brass


The i Series were designed with a specific feel, response and tone in mind. In order to achieve these goals, a series of new Schilke designs were necessary.

i Series Mouthpiece Receiver

Mouthpiece Receiver – Inspired by a classic Renold Schilke design dating to the 1940s, the i Series Mouthpiece Receiver offers a quick response and a distinct look amongst all Schilke trumpets. 

i Series Ballusters

Ballusters – A newly designed set of ballusters results in a modified mass distribution with improved tone. The ergonomics of the design make the i Series extremely comfortable to grip.

i Series Bracing

Bracing – A new lightweight bracing design on the valve block improves response.