The S43HDL-F Faddis Model was designed for legendary jazz artist, musician, conductor, composer and educator Jon Faddis. It is built  on our HD valve section, which is heavier in mass at the center of the trumpet. No nibs on the second slide, no water key on the main tuning slide, heavy valve caps, and adjustable soundpost.

The S43HDL-F is available by special order with an optional bell crown that provides more core to the sound with increased resonance.


One-piece, Hand-Hammered Yellow Brass HD Tuning Bell

Soldered Bead w/ Steel Wire

#3 Bell Taper

.450″ Medium Bore

Reverse Leadpipe

Round Main Tuning Slide w/ Brace

Heavy Design

1st slide ring & 3rd slide ring

Heavy Bottom Caps

Adjustable Bell Brace


Brass Bell Crown

1st slide saddle

Pinky ring

Main tuning slide waterkey

3rd slide waterkey

Amado waterkey(s)

Sterling Silver bell


Lifetime Warranty

S43HDL-F models

Silver plate

S43HDL-F Yellow brass tuning bell

S43HDL-F*  Yellow brass tuning bell with brass crown

S43HDLS-F  Sterling silver bell

S43HDLS-F*  Sterling silver tuning bell with brass crown

Gold plate

S43HDL-F-GP  Yellow brass tuning bell

S43HDL-F*-GP  Yellow brass tuning bell w/ crown

S43HDLS-F-GP  Sterling silver bell

S43HDLS-F*-GP  Sterling silver tuning bell w/ crown