For the musician who wants a similarly extra-large “blow” of the X4 and X5 models, but needs a slightly different feel, the X6 delivers. Featuring an XL .468” bore, the X6 offers a large feel with similar “power steering” of the X5, but with a broader sound.


One-piece Yellow Brass Bell

Unsoldered Bead

#2 Bell Taper

.468″ XL Bore

Reverse Leadpipe

Round Main Tuning Slide

Lightweight Design

1st slide saddle & 3rd slide ring


1st slide ring

Pinky ring

3rd slide waterkey

Amado waterkey(s)

Sterling Silver bell

“Beryllium” bell

Tuning bell


Lifetime Warranty

X6 models

Silver plate

X6  Yellow brass bell

X6L  Yellow brass tuning bell

X6b  “Beryllium” bell

X6Lb  “Beryllium” tuning bell

X6S  Sterling silver bell

X6LS  Sterling silver tuning bell

Gold plate

X6-GP  Yellow brass bell

X6L-GP  Yellow brass tuning bell

X6b-GP  “Beryllium” bell

X6Lb-GP  “Beryllium” tuning bell

X6S-GP  Sterling silver bell

X6LS-GP Sterling silver tuning bell