The B1 was the preferred Bb trumpet of the legendary Renold O. Schilke and is the basis in design for the other B & X Series instruments. Distinguished by its free and open feel, this trumpet is among the most popular Schilke models, allowing the player the diversity in sound color from a rich, full bodied dark sound to a brilliant ringing tone when desired.


One-piece Yellow Brass Bell

Unsoldered Bead

#1 Bell Taper

.460″ ML Step Bore

Reverse Leadpipe

Round Main Tuning Slide

Lightweight Design

1st slide saddle & 3rd slide ring


1st slide ring

Pinky ring

3rd slide waterkey

Amado waterkey(s)

Sterling Silver bell

“Beryllium” bell

Tuning bell


Lifetime Warranty

B1 models

Silver plate

B1  Yellow brass bell

B1L  Yellow brass tuning bell

B1b  “Beryllium” bell

B1Lb  “Beryllium” tuning bell

B1S  Sterling silver bell

B1LS  Sterling silver tuning bell

Gold plate

B1-GP  Yellow brass bell

B1L-GP  Yellow brass tuning bell

B1b-GP  “Beryllium” bell

B1Lb-GP  “Beryllium” tuning bell

B1S-GP  Sterling silver bell

B1LS-GP – Sterling silver tuning bell