Naumann Baroque Trumpet Mouthpieces

Naumann Baroque Trumpet Mouthpieces are made entirely in the Schilke Music Products mouthpiece department.  These models are made with larger shanks that will fit a standard (oversized) Baroque trumpet receiver.  Naumann mouthpieces are mainly created with two distinct rim shapes.  The historical rim shape is primarily flat while the modern rim shapes resemble standard trumpet rims with a rounder profile.


Model Size Rim Shape
Principale .715” Dia Flat
Salsburg .695” Dia. Flat
Clarino .675” Dia. Flat
Eklund .645” Dia. Flat
C2 1C Cup Modern
C3 1.5C Cup Modern
C4 3C Cup Modern
C4.5 5C Cup Slightly Flat
5B Bauguess Custom Slightly Flat

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