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The Schilke Company is available for select repair and overhaul work on Schilke instruments ONLY. We would be happy to provide an approximate quote for our repair service however we will need to see the instrument before providing a final quote. This work needs to be scheduled with the Schilke repair department.

Additional select repair services offered include:

  • Overhaul in silver or gold plate. An overhaul includes removing dents, buffing, re-plating, new pads, felts and springs. Additional charge for dent work and replacement parts may apply in final price quote.
  • ‘BG’ Butler/Geyer Slide retrofit conversion to “over-under” slides to accommodate the 1st valve saddle and 3rd valve ring on P5-4 piccolo. The price quote will include re-plating.
  • ‘MA’ Andre style Removable 4th Valve Slide retrofit conversion to a removable 4th valve slide assembly with an additional ½ tone bow for P5-4 or P7-4 piccolo. The price quote will include re-plating.
  • Tuning Bell Conversion for Bb or C trumpet models. The price quote will include re-plating.
  • Bell and slide retrofits. Regarding multi-key models specifically E3L and G1L, we require the valve sections to retrofit a second set of slides. We do not use a build assembly fixture to make a moving component. We freehand build slides to fit a specific valve section.
  • Piston retrofit. We require the valve section to re-fit a valve.

All select repair and overhaul services are performed by Schilke Music Products, and the work is subject to our availability and discretion. Turn around time is approximately three weeks from receipt, but may take longer depending on the repair.

For more information about our repair services, availability, pricing and turnaround time, please contact our Production Manager, Mike Seaver at (708) 343-8858 or email

Shipping Directions

Shipping directions are provided below if you have a confirmed repair time and plan to return your Schilke instrument to the factory. The following method is only a guideline on how to safely ship an instrument back to the factory for repair or modification. This technique is how the Schilke Company has shipped instruments globally for over 60 years.

  • We recommend that you ship the trumpet WITHOUT a case. An instrument can move within a case and is prone to damage because of that motion. If you do send a case, we will send the case back in a separate box. To ship your trumpet, we suggest the following materials and procedures:
  • When shipping instruments around the world we use a double walled box for maximum security. At Schilke Music Products, Inc., we use a box that measures 24” x 12” x 8” to ship a single trumpet and 24” x 13” x 13 7/8” to ship two instruments. Wrap the instrument length wise in 1” large bubble wrap packing material with a suggested width of 12”. Encase the trumpet in bubble packing material, wrapping the instrument six times, which is approximately 15’ to 20” feet depending the trumpet model. Secure the bubble wrapped trumpet with clear box tape at both ends, then lengthwise to properly seal and fasten bubble wrap around the instrument. Be sure that the bubble wrap is taught and the tape is properly secure to prevent shifting during shipping. When packing in a box, be sure to leave a minimum of 2” for packing material, preferably packing peanuts to surround the trumpet.
  • We suggest you insure your instrument for the full replacement value when shipping to the Schilke factory.

Ship all repairs to:

Schilke Music Products, Inc.
ATTN: Repairs-Mike Seaver
4520 James Place
Melrose Park, IL 60160

Once the repair has been completed the customer will be charged for the work. All repairs will be shipped via UPS and the shipping charges will include insurance for the replacement cost.